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The Problem With Antibiotics
Why antibiotics are not the answer to cure your urinary tract infection and why they actually make it worse.
The Root Cause Of UTIs
Learn the real cause of your UTI in order to treat it effectively.
3 Nutrients to Stop Bacteria from Clinging Onto Your Bladder Wall
Learn about how this superfood acidifies the urine and inhibits bacterial accumulation and prevents the bad bacteria from clinging onto the bladder wall.
3 Powerful Urinary Tract Nutrients
Discover how 3 nutrients protect your urinary tract from pain, inflammation and bacteria infection.
Ready for Better Urinary Tract Health?

Urinary tract infections are very common particularly in women, older people, and babies. They are infections that can occur in any part of your urinary tract.

UriAlive.com shares the latest research and studies on urinary tract with concerned individuals like you.

We have created the above video presentation to share with you the latest research on the ROOT cause of urinary tract infection so that you can finally live the life without the pain and irritation whenever you go to the bathroom.

UriAlive Philosophy

We believe everyone deserves better health and quality of life.

Fact is, your urinary tract should function well even at old age. However, in today’s world, due to the overuse of antibiotics, the bacteria becomes so much stronger that it is much harder to get rid of UTI infection.

That’s where we come in! UriAlive shares with you what your urinary tract requires to flush out the nasty bacteria. So you know how to eat the right foods in the right combinations, and avoid further irritating the lining of your urinary tract.

Should You Take Antibiotics For UTI?

Research tells us that re-infection after antibiotic therapy is common. In fact, over half of all recurrent infections are caused by the same strain of bacteria as the initial infection—even with appropriate antibiotic therapy.

One problem is that the bacteria responsible for urinary tract infections are growing resistant to antibiotic therapy. In other words, they are genetically adapting to the drugs that are designed to kill them.


3 Ingredients That Cleanse Your Urinary Tract

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